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DANYANG        Jiangsu Asia Gas Equipment Co.,Ltd(Former Danyang Asia Indstrial Gas Equipment Factory) is located IN Yanling town Danyang City.lt is adjacent to jinghang great canal changjiang river hunin express highuay,nationa;jogjwau 312,changzhou airport and nanjing airport it has trans port facilities.
        Our company is special in producing and marketing gas equipment in cluding gas cylinder and inspection equipment,special high purity gas equipment,purifing equipment,instruments,pressure pressure pipeline components,mehanic equipment and accessories,chemical machinery,petrochemical equipment,pressure vessel,valve,flexible pipes,corrugated pipe,vehicle accessories,mom-ferrous metal aluminum alloy,stainless steel,rare metal material and raw mqterial,mechanic surface treatment equipment,vessel equipment,vaporization equipment.automatic control equipment,packing equipment,transmission equipment,bamboo products,we also provide gas application equipmeng installation technical consultation,import and export of goods and technigue. 
        DanyangAsia lndustrial Gas Equipment Factory is subordinate to Chinese lndustrial Gas lndustry lnstitute and Hydrogen Special committee, National Gas Cylinder Standardization Committee,Filling Technique Committee,Gas Cylinder lnspection Technique Committee,Gas Standar dization Technique Commmitee.Our factory is the member of Chinese industrial Gas industry institute,Hydrogen Special Committee,Gas Cylinder Special Committee and vice director of Low Temperature Special Gas institute of china and member of chloric Alkali Committee. 
        Our company owns an expert consultant mission consisting of more than 30 experts and professors.Three enterprise standards for acetylene filling (flowing-together) platoon series,permanent gas(02,N2,Ar and H2) filling platoon and flowing-together platoon and finished flexible pile with s.s.weaving net cover were approved by experts on May 8-9,2000.Then the enterprise standard of Q/321181URG005-2007 for high pressure acetylene fire resistant and enterprise standard of Q321181URG004-2007 for uncorrect filling guard against connector of permanent gas.All our products are made strictly according to national standards and industrial standards.IS9001-2000 quality management system has been carried out in our company.We have insured the product responsibility of PICC (number of insurance policy is PZAH200632118100000002).At present our company ni the first (unique) enterprise which got the certificate of safety registration of pressure pipeline component manufacturer issued by National Quality Supervision and lnspection Bureau with the registration number GYZ-A-0183 and authorized to use the mark of AZ. 
        Mr.Weizulin,president of the board,and all the stuff warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to our company for cooperation.
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